Lake Minnetonka


Lake Minnetonka


Size:  43.5" x  26.5" x 2" 

Weight: 20 lbs

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Iconic Lake Minnetonka. One of the greatest reason's Minnesota summers are so amazing. Wayzata, Excelsior, Deephaven, Orono, Mound, Minnetonka Beach - each lake town offers different things and has it's own history. Harrison grew up in Lafayette Bay for 23 years and is obsessed with the lake life so you could say this is a very special piece. This map is more of a symbol. When you look at it, you think of the Wharf at Fletcher's, anchoring at Big Island, 4th of July weekend, fireworks in Tonka Bay, jumping off the Arcola Bridge, water sports and boating to movies at "The Dock". #GetPurified


Lake Minnetonka: Black

Compass Rose: Black

Text: Black

Backboard: Provincial

Frame: Black


pine, birch

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